Why Seems Same Products So much different for quality

1.Seems same product buy from china one use for 3years still good, one use just several month broken, why?
2.All the guy say they give 3years guarantee, but why price so much different?
3.I should choose the cheaper one which cost more competitive or choose the expensive to make sure quality
4.How i know which is good which is bad after i get both sample
5.What is the combine for the product cost?

So here some information hope can help you.

Led has so many series with different application, we just choose commercial lighting as sample.

Led light cost=shell + led + driver + worker charge + waste + packing + supplier benefit

  • Shell: Hot dispel solution, enough aluminum space is necessary to protect the led light

Most LED light use aluminum shell, so shell cost based on the aluminum quantity;

  • For standard shell, same weight cost will be same. Cheaper shell must be less aluminum;
  • For private mode ,the shell quantity is less and design special, cost will be higher;
  • For cheap quality ,some supplier even use plastic shell instead aluminum for ,it is very dangerous;
  • Led: led now is very mature, mainly 4 grade for optional:


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