need an agent as gide

We have seen more and more customers choose to find purchasing agent in China to follow up their orders, or individuals or companies.

So is it really necessary to find an agent?

We all know that the responsibilities of the agent include: receiving enquiries, looking for sources of supply, providing quotations, arranging payment, inspection, arranging shipments, and handling after-sales including customer complaints.

1. If you are a large group company, you have a wide range of sales, equipped with full-time procurement staff, all of which are medium and large-sized companies. The number of purchases of lighting products is small, but the amount is very large. Then you don’t need to find any agents, just follow up with Chinese suppliers in time is ok.

2. If your purchase volume is large, but the variety is single, and the procurement frequency is not high, then you don’t need to find an agent. You can come and see the exhibition and learn about the Chinese Yellow Pages. Find the right size factory on a large B2B website is already ok.

If you are in the following situations, I suggest you consider working with an agent:

A. Business dealings with China are very frequent.

B. There are many types of purchases, which are very complicated.

C. They require the latest industry trends and products.

D. There are often different inquiries that need to be processed.

E. Order sizes vary, but actual enquiries are much more,High transaction efficiency,

more emphasis on product quality, and the need for competitive price, etc.,

then you can consider looking for an agency or individual.


1) The agent itself has been in contact with this industry for a long time, and has a relatively horizontal understanding of the industry.

2) Agents come from factories or from trading companies, and understand the operational procedures of the Chinese supplier market.

3) Agents as third-party organizations tend to give advice that is more neutral (factory business tends to show where it is going to be good)

4) The agent is also Chinese, so it is more convenient to communicate. After all, English is not the mother tongue of China. Many times there is misunderstanding when communicating. The business level of the factory is often limited (most people regard the factory as the first job, often a springboard for follow-up work, because the factory will not be built Downtown or convenient area)

5) The agent inspection is convenient, this is not possible for the guests including the customer’s own purchasing department. One more inspection will make your goods more guaranteed, we see many times A little mistake has caused great trouble for the passengers arriving in Hong Kong. If the problem is solved at the factory, it is not very difficult.)

6) Agents can give different solutions. When a factory can’t solve the problem of the guests, the agent can often give the second choice.

Agents will increase your costs, which is a concern for many customers, but the agnet take the value to you much more than the cost you pay. After all, agents are knowledge-intensive labor. For office space, the requirements of machinery and equipment are low. An ordinary office operate the order amount even more than a thousand people factory have. The efficiency of the agent is much higher than that of the general company and the factory.