2305, 2019

How to choose right led products between confused cost?

In China Led light price so much different, how i should choose? Reason:What Caused This Adequate market competition has created a wide range of product prices and dazzling product varieties in the LED supply market. Even if you are eager to purchase in the procurement market, you will [...]

2305, 2019

Do I need find an agent in china to help me deal with my business?

We have seen more and more customers choose to find purchasing agent in China to follow up their orders, or individuals or companies. So is it really necessary to find an agent? We all know that the responsibilities of the agent include: receiving enquiries, looking for [...]

1307, 2018

10 Tips To Choose LED Driver

Why the Led light you bought are easily broken ? Which parts are mostly easy broken for led light ? Why most suppliers can only offer you three years warrantee for the led light? Why led driver is so important for led light?  You will find the [...]

509, 2016

What Is The Different Between Shenzhen,Jiangmen and Zhongshan Supplier

Shenzhen,Jiangmen And Zhongshan Lighting Supplier If your purchased Led Products from china, you will first see guangdong provice. if you see in guangdong provice, shenzhen, zhongshan and jiangmen will be noticed by you. But what is the different, and how you should choose? 1) Good quality first choice shenzhen supplier, [...]

509, 2016

What Is The Different Between COB Flood Light And SMD Flood Light

COB Flood Light and SMD Flood Light why will come to COB flood light and SMD flood light two type The earlier COB flood light come out at 2007-2008 year approx. now no one know the first very popular flood light shell is who design. just we know all [...]