Price of LED

In China Led light price so much different, how i should choose?

Reason:What Caused This

Adequate market competition has created a wide range of product prices and dazzling product varieties in the LED supply market.

Even if you are eager to purchase in the procurement market, you will be confused.

So what should I do?

There is an old saying in China: You Get what you pay for.

So everyone’s impression that Chinese products are inferior and cheap goods is mainly because they don’t understand the meaning of this Old sentence.

The survival of the fittest for thousands of years has created the survival of the fittest, and has made the Chinese people more sleek
and flexible in business and living. You will see products of the same category being produced and sold on the market at very large price differences. This mainly related with the economic differences in China Domestic Market.

Secondly, it is difficult for us to make uniform standards for the entire country, and it is difficult to implement.
There are also problems with government supervision.

While some people are considering enjoying a high-quality shopping experience, others may still don’t have enough to eat, and there
is a difference between has and no.

When you decide to come to China to purchase LED products, first ask yourself what quality you need?
What kind of group is your audience? Cheap is not a solution to the problem, although we all want to buy good and cheap goods.

If you are a European customer, then CE is a must, so that more than half of the suppliers and products are excluded. Those low-class
products are not with you.

If you are a wholesaler, then the size of the factory must be considered first, and the scale represents quality and service, as well as trust.
Greatly protect you from huge losses.

If you are a retailer, then the scale factory does not recommend you to contact, because the minimum order volume and production
cycle will make us difficult, and you will be treated differently. Maybe a small and medium factory is a good choice for you, but your
requirements must be clear, otherwise you may not get what you want. may be contact some traders may also be a good choice.
Traders can put orders together then book to big factories at one time.

If you are an engineering contractor, private customization is your favorite. Small factories do not recommend communication. The
technology and quality control of small factories are difficult to satisfy you. as project benefit Generally better, but the quality
requirements are high, because the installation and maintenance costs are too higher. Therefore, in China, procurement must find
cooperation with factories above the middle level, and technology must be supported.

In order to obtain more export orders, more than 80% of the factories only maintain reasonable profits, so your price has been
completely related to the quality of the products to some extent. It is very important to arrange samples. When you are really not
good at judging, you should not only get sample and see, but also disassemble and do destructive tests. Good is good, bad is current.