Q: we find your price higher than other china supplier?

A: Yes, other customer also ask same question, in china we are the high class market supplier.
for outdoor project, customer more concern the quality, as maintenance cost and install cost is much higher.
so all our outdoor lighting products use CREE high power led, and all Lens we use Ledlink brand.
and also, may be you can almost all our products is Structural waterproofing, this is high request for technique,
small factory can’t do, as need open many modes, and also need Special hydraulic press assembly. But for outdoor
use, this waterproof effect is much better than Glue pouring.

Prices are often relative, Different materials, different degrees of product refinement, different use functions, and different lifespans will lead to price differences. The right one is the best.

Q: All product you can do already show on website?

A: No, on the website you can see is all the popular item, in fact, we have much more other items.
On home page, Project for reference, you can see our item make the project and also some other products.
if your have project are making, if you want the design effect can realize, please contact us. we can try to
Help you.

Q: Our Advantage is makeing mode

A: making mode for other factory may be more difficulty, but for us more easy.
as we have our own Abrasive tools factory and Hardware Factory. and most project
in china we make we open mode for customer.

Q: In the website we see products price is it the right one?

A: Yes, we make it easy. you see the price is already the right price for customer reference.
Such as Signal Color type, when you make order just tell us beam angle and color you want is ok.
For RGBW and RGB all is DMX512 standard control system.

Q: Why i see all item is DC24V

A: 240V or 120V we can also make. but not suggest. DC24V is more stable and also compare with
DC24V power switch use can save cost than buildin driver.

At the Meantime, DC24V can use for all market, not consider driver must meet local electrical certificate
request. you can use any certificate power supply for local market use.

Q: 6-60° or 10-60° what is the meaning, why it is not 8° 10° 15° 30° 45° or so on?

A:This is our advantage. You can see all the Mode we make is our private mode. not only more better for hot dispel, and
also better for us match our Lens, All our Lens use Ledlink, so we offer customer a range means during this range the angle
all designer request we can meet.

Q: Are you sure your price is best price in the same level?

A: Always best price to you and your cooperator base on same quality
Price Below Middle, but no cheaper price
Reasonable cost based on the reliable quality
Control the cost for every parts very strictly ,even 0.1 or 0.2USD difference will double check several times .

Q: How you control your price details

A: We compare and select the every spare parts carefully
Product Price =shell+ led lamp +driver +worker charge +our benefit

♦ Shell: Select from hundreds of suppliers competitive cost and quality

♦ Led Lamp: Brand Cree led or Epistar Chip packed by Shenzhen company

Driver Brand moset tube, rubycon or beryl capacitor, 100% aging test, produce by our selves
Worker charge this can’t lower, good workers need reasonable salary
Benefit Below middle benefit rate for company

Q: How you are sure the quality is good with best price.

A:Price is very important for led sales now. but we don’t offer cheap quality to meet
only request cheap price .

Why we said we offer best price, as competitive cost is very important for a middle size factory to live.
Make high quality product is very easy, use brand led, brand driver, good shell, and assemble it and so on, but if cost so high, no one will buy.

So when we choose any material, consider how to process it, cost is first we need consider.

No quality=No Business, mainly no repeat order.

Q: How you control your item quality?

A: We select every spare parts supplier very carefully .

Even small parts ,we choose from at least 3 suppliers ,

Reflector and shell we have stable supplier to cooperate .

Driver we always work with famous supplier, such as Eagise ,jinxing and Enchips ,we also make driver for some model which we do not think others value for money

All spare parts we received will 100% testing before production .to sure work well.

After assembling ,aging for driver and lamp then whole lamp

Q: How long time your shipment time

A: Usually two weeks delivery time for most our items we sell now.
Delivery time = shell Production + led+ driver+ assembling time + aging time.

Shell: Usually didn’t keep stock, as now the shell update so quickly,
We often choose popular item from shell manufacture with fast shipment time , below 500pcs, usually one week is ok.
Remark: peak season or low season for supplier a little different.

Led: Cob Led usually have stock for popular items. And production time very fast 3-4days ok.

Driver: 5000pcs each power for standard stocks.

Assembling: Usually for 1000-2000pcs need 3-5days is already ok for us.

Ageing Time: 2days, this can’t be less.

Totally delivery time is 2 weeks. But for peak season or with some customer’s big order, this will be different.
So before you make order, we will confirm with you for details.

Q: How you proceed your warrantee rules

A: We offer 3 years warrantee for all the products, except some ones which remarked.

special item(which we make very big qty for lower market with very competitive cost) these will give 2years guarantee

Any trouble in the warrantee with approval will replace new one for free in the next shipment, in the first year
After one year, if broken, we will replace the relative parts.
For example, Led broken we replace led for you, Driver broken we replace driver for you.
Remarks: All above service based on the quality problem caused by product itself, not by bad environment or wrong use.

Q: How can I trust your guarantee ?

A: All customer will ask for guarantee when they place order to a new company. Even the supplier inform you, but you will still disbelieve it

Many Chinese supplier promise give customer three years guarantee, but really can give the real guarantee suppliers is very little.
So select one reliable supplier is very important:
Do not believe the very cheap price, due to the cost is very competitive, nobody can sell with price lower than cost a lot.
We do not sell cheap items .we can tell you every parts price ,and our profit .with reasonable profit can sure we are healthy company.

We have many customer cooperated more than 10years, we always find partner instead of buyer .we hope to grow up with you.

Q:What is the real lifetime for the Led Products?

When we purchase Led Light, we always will asked life time for the lamp.
Usually we get the responsible is 50000 hours, or 30000 hours or similar like this. Seems very long. but when we really buy it and use it, find almost not like this.

A:Here we just use commercial lighting which with driver as sample to make some explanation.

1) Led light life time based on Led lamp(cob or SMD) and Led Driver
if led chip broken, led will blinking or busted then didn’t work
if driver broken, the led light also will no light. black is means broken for light.

2) for Led Lamp
now this technology is very mature. this we should thanks chinese government. based on their support,
china now have many huge company who make chip, and also thousands of chip packed company. so led
lamp cost now is very cheaper. and also technology is very mature, lifetime usually will have 30000-
50000hours. if they didn’t use small chip size to show you as big chip, 50000hours will be no problem
from theory. (theory means very strict environment use, but for lighting, hot dispel, water get in
and dust, all situation will affect the real life time for Led). but it still very long.

3) Led Driver
compare to Led Lamp,led Driver is more complex. PCB board design, resistance, IC, and environment all will affect it lifetime, for this please refer my white paper”10-tips-for-choose-led-driver“. led driver in china still not mature. so life time from 5000hours to 30000hours all have. such as street light power supply can reach 50000hours from theory.
why so much different. cost. this i will introduce later. so you will see if driver life time just 10000hours, whether your led light how good, final user still will think the lifetime just 10000hours.

so that is why led light lifetime in fact = Led driver life time

More questions ?