COB Flood Light and SMD Flood Light

why will come to COB flood light and SMD flood light two type

The earlier COB flood light come out at 2007-2008 year approx. now no one know the first very popular flood light shell is who design. just we know all over the world customer use this. this is very popular.


The COB flood light come out based on the COB Led Lamp, the packed led chip technology improved.which make the many small chip packed on one basement board. which is can make the lamp center brightness much more bright. COB flood light come out more reason is user need a beam angel. and also which will be similar as the old metal halide flood light. with the reflector customer can realize the spot light effect. and also need the brightness more higher to shot the area what they want.

Why there will be SMD flood light Now

as very before, single SMD brightness is not higher. and also cost compare to COB is very higher. for example, if i use COB 50W i just need combine 50pcs 1w chip together is ok. but if i need SMD reach so much rightness, I need more. as each smd need packed, so cost higher, and also more led lamp need more space. then the flood light will find it will like panel light, no angle what we can get.

but based on the technology improve, single SMD brightness is much more higher. and also SMD packed qty is very big since the led strip light largely sales. so 5730SMD come out. before need 200pcs SMD can reach the brightness now may be only need 50pcs.

and also reflector technology is very mature now, more bigger light surface, we try to change the reflector design also realize same beam angle we want.

why now use SMD. this is also the different we will Talked

Brightness.   COB as packed many chip together, so each chip distance is very small. when light it. some led brightness will be offset by others. so whole lamp output lumen will be lower. For SMD, as weld different single SMD on a bigger size PCB board. distance between each led is much bigger than COB. so this offset is more less. so whole lamp output lumen will be higher.

Hot dispel: COB lamp is so tight for all led build-in one small PCB board, then the hot will very focus, this will be higher request for the shell hot dispel. and hot temperature is the main matter which will affect led life time. for led work in different work temperature the life time is also different. SMD as its PCB is big, so hotdispel area is also big. so center temperature also will be lower than COB.

Waterproof: usually the shell will not get in water. as all the new shell design is double consider how to make it waterproof. but sometimes still has some flood light will get in water.
we have ever make test. if you dip a water in the worked COB light, it will cause COB bust. if you dip same water in SMD PCB board, it will just affect some led, others still work.
So if really water get in, COB flood light broken risk is more higher than SMD Flood light.

as now the reflector technology is very good, the size different for light source, we try to adjust reflector design to avoid it affect beam angle much. so now more and more customer choose SMD flood light.