Shenzhen,Jiangmen And Zhongshan Lighting Supplier

If your purchased Led Products from china, you will first see guangdong provice. if you see in guangdong provice, shenzhen, zhongshan and jiangmen will be noticed by you.

But what is the different, and how you should choose?

1) Good quality
first choice shenzhen supplier, then jiangmen supplier, the third is zhongshan supplier

2) Price if the main concern
first is zhongshan supplier, second is jiangmen supplier, third is shenzhen supplier.

3) the service
first is shenzhen, second is zhongshan, third is jiangmen

Why will like this:

Shenzhen supplier:
Shenzhen is a big city, so all over china the ability person come here to build their own business. and also shenzhen government control also strictly. most the owner has accept regular education, such as university training. so they consider more for business, develop, relationship with customer, and long plan.

So quality will control more strictly than other two place. but when you consider this, cost also will be higher a little.

Shenzhen Led business begin from led chip packed and also Led Screen. then led lighting.
so if you want buy led screen, no need to go other place, shenzhen can meet all your request. for Led lighting these years, shenzhen also increase very quickly. before the led strip light, led flood light, led high bay, led down light, led panel light, led T8 tube, shenzhen export qty is very big. as if can use machine make, shenzhen has advantage.

Jiangmen Supplier:
jiangmen led lighting just these several years increase very quickly. as jiangmen city government give many favorite policy to the company. they build many big and regular industry park, to attract the factory establish in jiangmen. and also another reason is in 2008-2009 year, zhongshan especially guzhen is so crazy competitive, many Guzhen reputation is so bad, so some good supplier who want make their business more better move factory from zhongshan to jiangmen. and also jiangmen new industry park is very closed to Guzhen, so purchased material is very easy for them, so jiangmen side develop very fast.

If you want to buy Led outdoor lighting, outdoor application lighting, or some good quality but also cheaper commercial lighting product, you can try to find in jiangmen.

Zhongshan (mainly guzhen):

this town called capital of Lighting world. as their sales qty is really very big. and also the industry chain is very complete. from primary material to shell, driver, light source(for led lamp shenzhen will be the first choice, as shenzhen has several very big packed company, and also shenzhen quality is good, so even zhongshan factory also buy led lamp from shenzhen, and also shenzhen import abroad chip has advantage), to connect cable, and screw and packing box so on all can buy here. they have many mode machine and shell supplier.

but as guzhen in fact is just a town, jiangmen is the third class of city in china, shenzhen is first class city. so guzhen on company control do is not good. many very small factory just several workers, just combine and sell out. no quality control, no guarantee, so make the market is very confused. and also for foreign customer also very hard to choose.

but as cost advantage, and with full industry chain, here also many big factory installed.
and also these several years, many shenzhen company move to zhongshan, as shenzhen cost in the past 3years increase very quickly. more and more shenzhen supplier also buy material from zhongshan, but main parts they still buy in shenzhen and produce in shenzhen.

If you want cheaper, try Guzhen, but please take more careful. and also guzhen you can get all the lighting you want.

Except above three area, in guangdong, still dongguan, foshan, and huizhou has led lighting supplier.

Dongguan as hardware manufacture is very strong, so dongguan shell is very good, cost also higher. in dongguan you can find some very good supplier, but very little, as before many taiwan and hongkong guy install factory in dongguan. so some factory follow the taiwan and hongkong quality. but most of these factory has its own sales channel, they usually didn’t make advertisement, so hard to find.

Foshan, very cheaper. some times cheaper than zhongshan. but quality can’t make sure, as very cheaper items usually will sacrifice quality. just use cheaper material. but as supplier not much, so also didn’t write much

Huizhou supplier. most the owner before work in shenzhen. between zhongshan and huizhou they choose huizhou. first closed to shenzhen, go back shenzhen more easy than from zhongshan, second huizhou worker charge and land and other cost is cheaper. these factory usually is very big, they have their own industry chain. but also cost will be higher, and develop will not like the above 3 area. most they do themselves. idea from shenzhen, produce in huizhou.

If you want to know more, welcome to contact me.